Vermicomposting continues to gain both attention and participants as consumers seek uncomplicated ways to manage home food waste. At Worm Nerd, we see our role as a partner. Whether you’re raising worms to benefit from the nutrient-rich end-products for chemical-free gardening, or your family is aiming to use composting worms to shrink landfill waste, Worm Nerd provides high-quality products for vermicomposting appreciated and used by mindful gardeners, families, and those who care about the health of our planet.

Live Red Wiggler Composting Worms

Composting Worms

A species of earthworm, Red Wigglers (Eisenia fetida) are voracious eaters that consume fruit and vegetable scraps, cardboard, shredded paper, and other organic waste. Prepare to become amazed at how these fascinating creatures provide solutions. They reproduce quickly, reduce landfill waste, and expel chemical-free by-products for boosting the production of plants and food-producing gardens. Composting with Red Wigglers makes a difference.

Worm Grit

Because Red Wigglers have no teeth, it’s common practice to give them a little extra help to digest food. Various organic matter with a gritty texture, such as eggshells and coffee grounds, is added to the worms’ food. During digestion, the worm’s gizzard breaks down the food into smaller particles. The rough texture of the grit makes this process much more efficient. As what goes in must come out, Worm Nerd’s grit is a nutrient-rich, proprietary blend that not only aids in worm digestion, but helps maintain pH levels and vastly improves the resulting worm waste loved by plants.

4 lb Bag of Worm Nerd's Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer

Worm Castings

Composting with our well-fed worms results in expelled worm waste, known as worm castings, which is a natural soil additive that increases the health of your plants. Worm castings are rich with nutrients and result in higher yields, larger and better tasting vegetables, stronger flowers and blooms, and greener healthier lawns. Whether you are taking the chemical-free approach with the lawn, outdoor gardens, with patio hanging baskets, or indoor potted plants, you can begin the process of supplying your plants with beneficial nutrients using this worm waste.

Worm Tea

Worm Tea Concentrate is made by collecting beneficial nutrients and microbes from the worms’ waste and urine with water. The process in which the tea is collected creates a highly concentrated elixir ideal for the care and chemical-free maintenance of food gardens, lawns, orchids, houseplants, and other plants. Because of the nutrients and live, beneficial microscopic organisms, it’s also a natural fungicide and pesticide that builds up plants’ immune systems to insects and disease. Used to enhance the soil so plant roots can flourish, this tea is the secret sauce that plants love.


The Worm Word

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