Worm Nerd was established in Apopka, Florida in 2021 as a supplier of live composting worms, worm castings, composting supplies, and more. We are dedicated to helping people learn about the environmental benefits of vermiculture, including the 100% organic, chemical-free, and eco-friendly by-products. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Worm Nerd is your go-to source for all things vermiculture.

What is Vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting is an age-old practice where composting worms are congregated together and fed organic matter that would otherwise be thrown away. These worms are voracious eaters that consume fruit and vegetable scraps, cardboard, shredded paper, and more. Worms work to break down this organic matter, reducing landfill waste and expelling useful, natural by-products. Our worms are well-fed and cared for diligently by experienced caretakers!

Vermiculture Supplies

Worm Nerd offers the necessary tools to make it easy for anyone to begin, maintain, and perfect their own worm bin at home:

  • Live Composting Worms
  • Worm Chow
  • Premium Worm Grit
  • Temperature Meter
  • Moisture/Light/pH Meter
  • Coco Fiber Worm Blanket
  • Composting Bins

Organic By-Products

Want to reap the benefits of vermiculture but don’t have your own worm farm? Worm Nerd is happy to offer 100% organic worm castings.