Jaylen 4-Tray Worm Composting Bin

This convenient 4-tray bin is lightweight, portable, and easy to manage. To help you get started, a coco coir brick and 4-page step-by-step guide are also included! [Read More]



Reduce food waste and assure successful plant growth by composting with worms in this convenient 4-tray worm composting bin. Lightweight and portable, it’s easy to relocate as needed and compact enough in size to keep on countertops or other small spaces (measures 15×12” and 13” high when assembled). In addition to a coco coir brick to get you started, the bin also includes a 4-page guide for setting up and maintaining a worm farm, with tips for managing moisture, food, light, pH, and temperature. The bin is available in 3 attractive colors for coordinating with any room: classic black, slate gray, and desert tan.

The 4-tray bin includes the following:

  • (3) screened trays for worms and compost
  • (1) elevated base tray for liquid collection
  • (1) lid
  • (1) spigot with a rubber seal
  • (1) coco coir
  • (1) step-by-step guide


Download Manual