Live Red Wiggler Worms & Premium Grit Kit

Ready to jump start your composting or gardening project? This kit includes 500 Red Wiggler worms and 2 pounds of our Premium Worm Grit. Reap more nutritional benefits than ever before with the perfect combo for your Garden Tower vertical garden planter. [Read More]



Vermiculture — one small pound of wiggle for garden magic, one giant wiggle toward landfill food waste reduction. This kit includes 500 Red Wiggler composting worms and two pounds of our Premium Worm Grit. Whether choosing to raise Worm Nerd’s Red Wigglers for a composting project or for improving the results of your garden efforts, prepare to become amazed at how these fascinating creatures provide solutions.

Red Wigglers are voracious eaters that consume fruit and vegetable scraps, cardboard, shredded paper, and other organic waste. They reproduce quickly, reduce landfill waste, and expel chemical-free by-products for boosting the production of plants and food-producing gardens. Composting with Red Wigglers makes a difference and following our simple instructions to care for the worms will guide you to success.

Because Red Wigglers have no teeth it’s common to give them a little extra help to digest food. The proprietary grit included in this kit is derived from blended volcanic rock and contains 77+ trace elements and minerals. Not only does Worm Nerd’s Premium Worm Grit aid in worm digestion, but it helps maintain pH levels and vastly improves the resulting worm waste loved by plants. This grit is the secret to guaranteed results.

  • Launch your compost project with live Red Wiggler worms and our proprietary grit
  • Improve the health of plants and boost gardens with free waste products provided by worms
  • Reduce landfill waste using these worms to compost average scrap fruits and veggies
  • With 77+ trace elements and minerals, this grit is the ideal feeding additive for raising healthy worms
  • Adding our Premium Worm Grit helps achieve and maintain correct alkaline pH for worms’ environment
  • Have fun worm farming because they eat a lot of scrap produce and dried leaves, reproduce quickly and expel products useful for chemical-free gardening
  • Perfect for use in the Garden Tower 2 vertical garden planter