Worm Castings

Composting worms break down organic matter, producing solid waste known as “worm castings” or “vermicast.” This end-product adds eco-friendly organic matter to soil, reduces erosion, retains moisture, and improves soil aeration. [Read More]


Worm Nerd’s Worm Castings are produced through the age-old practice of vermicomposting, where composting worms are congregated together and fed organic matter that would otherwise be thrown away. These earthworms are voracious eaters that consume fruit and vegetable scraps, cardboard, shredded paper, and more. The worms work to break down this organic matter and expel useful waste products. The collected worm waste is the 100% organic and chemical-free medium known as “worm castings” or “vermicast”.

In addition to contributing to improved waste management practices, worm castings are appreciated by many home gardeners as a treasured component in topsoil or potting soil mixtures. Castings add eco-friendly organic matter to soil, reduce erosion, retain moisture, and improve soil aeration.