Worm Castings

Worm castings are a natural soil additive that increases the health of your plants. Containing 77+ trace elements and minerals, these castings are rich with nutrients and result in higher yields, larger and better tasting vegetables, stronger flowers and blooms, and greener healthier lawns. [Read More]


Castings happen. In a controlled environment composting program, Red Wiggler worms voraciously eat yard waste and scraps of fruits and vegetables. The resulting excrement, commonly called castings, is loaded with nutrients that help plants grow. The castings are typically mixed in with soil to enrich the growing medium and that combination is used on lawns to enhance growth and in gardens to naturally pump-up production. Offered to you by the producers of Worm Nerd Red Wigglers, the bag of castings is chemical-free fertilizer. Follow the simple directions to amend topsoil with the castings or add them to potting soil. With this purchase, you can start brewing. Worm Nerd suggests combining a mix of 20% worm castings and 80% soil to create the ideal growing medium for your plants. There are no temperature requirements for storing the castings, but prompt use is encouraged.

  • Naturally amend gardening soil with this worm waste to increase yields from food-producing gardens
  • Boost flower and plant production without using chemicals
  • Treat indoor plants with an odorless soil additive that will encourage plant growth
  • Save money by not buying expensive fertilizers that might be unsafe around kids and pets
  • Brew worm tea with these castings to create a nutrient-filled plant tonic for indoor/outdoor use